Training Division

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The academy is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education to offer the following programs;

We offer training to women, young engineers, & the new generation of entrepreneurs


Harare, Zimbabwe


One year courses

  1. National Certificate in Solar Photovoltaic Design, Installation, and Maintenance Training with a duration of a year.
  2. National Foundation Certificate on Electrical Power Repair and Maintenance with a duration of a year



Sustenergy partnered with the Institute of Energy Professionals Africa to offer the Association of Energy Engineers and UNDO Certification Programmes in Zimbabwe. Programs on offer;

EnMs IS050001 — Energy Management System

CEA- Certified Energy Auditor

CMVP -Certified Measurement and Verification Professional

CEM – Certified Energy Manager

CLEP- Certified Lighting Energy Professional

CIEP- Certified Industrial Energy Professional

CAP- Certified Carbon Auditing Professional

CWEP – Certified Water Efficiency Professional

                BE-P-     Certified Business Energy Professional

                REP-       Certified Renewable Energy Professional

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