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    They are virtual but we can always tailor make them to be a physical event at your company provided there is a minimum of 20 delegates.

    1. Site Assessment and call-out fee.
    2. Energy Management Measures.
    3. Design a system according to the client’s requirements.
    4. Provide a quotation for the client.
    5. 75% payment before the installation of the proposed solar system.
    6. Installation of the agreed solar system.
    7. Completion of payment (the remaining 25%).
    8. Follow up on the client to check on system performance.

    This depends entirely on the amount of energy your home uses. For a better idea, please check out our individual solar panel products or complete solar panel kits.

    Yes, solar panels can work on cloudy and rainy days, but not always at their peak performance. Their efficiency depends on the level of cloud coverage. Anything that blocks sunlight from solar panels can reduce their power production, including clouds, fog, and shade from trees.

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